Today’s borrowers, 62 years of age and older, are realizing the flexibility and benefits offered by Reverse Mortgages. Many have spent the past 30 years raising a family, maintaining a large home and building a career. As they enter their retirement-age years, it may be time to shift focus and look toward their own interests and needs.

Today’s savvy consumer recognizes that with a Reverse Mortgage, they may be able to access the equity in their home, create a steady income stream and secure the independent lifestyle they are looking for.

If you had enough time and enough money, what would you like to be doing and where would you like to be doing it?

Download this 22 page full color guide that provides an excellent overview of all the Reverse Mortgage programs.


Seniors encounter a wide range of situations that younger loved ones may not understand. These include living on a fixed income as inflation grows, more frequent medical bills, and having to let go of the physical and financial independence they once had.

For children of seniors, the position can be equally difficult. Baby boomers may be struggling financially to support both their growing children and their aging parents at the same time.

This guide is designed to address the stressful situations you may feel from these responsibilities. The team at Senior Security Advisors encourages loved ones to be involved and even go through the loan process alongside family members, so that everyone has a complete understanding of the program.


We’re a firm believer that knowledge is power, and we’re happy to walk you step by step through the 7 stages of completing a Reverse Mortgage! From the preliminary education process to the closing and disbursement of funds, your complete understanding is our first priority.

Find out exactly who you’ll be meeting with and what to expect at every point along the way by downloading our Process & Timeline Guide.



After you’ve had an opportunity to meet with our licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, it’s now time for a counseling session with an independent licensed counselor. This is required by HUD (Dept. of Housing and Urban Development). Make sure all your questions have been answered and you will receive a counseling certificate upon completion. Counseling can generally be scheduled within 24 hours, and in most states can be completed over the phone. Click here for the complete directory of HUD approved HECM Counseling Agencies.